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If you have purchased hemp flowers from us, you will find on the packaging a Lot- or Batchnummer, which you can enter here to get the exact analysis of the raw material.

Bio Hemp Protein Powder

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Hemo Protein Powder | Bio Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp protein powder with 50% protein content.

Hemp is one of the most versatile plants in nature. The hemp seeds are a good source of vegetable protein, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and fibers.

Hemp protein powder contains about 50% vegetable protein with all the essential amino acids for humans in bio available quality.

The 100% pure vegetable protein from hemp seeds is characterized by its high biological value and is easily absorbed by the body.

It has all the essential amino acids, which cannot even be formed by the body. Also hemp protein powder is a good source of essential fatty acids and fibers.

Hemp protein is therefore an ideal component and a supplement to a healthy diet.

Ingredients: 100% hemp


This product does not contain THC..


Delivery time 1-5 Tage
Ingredients 100% Hanf
Content 450 gr
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