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If you have purchased hemp flowers from us, you will find on the packaging a Lot- or Batchnummer, which you can enter here to get the exact analysis of the raw material.

Pealed Bio Hemp Seeds

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The grains are machine carefully peeled, so that the quality hemp oil will remain with its essential unsaturated fatty acids and the major protein with all essential amino acids.

Shelled edible hemp refined not only cereals, breads, pastries and other foods, but is also used as decoration on salads, vegetables or desserts its use. Light roasting produces a tasty nut flavor that gives many dishes an extra touch.

To obtain taste and nutritions, please do not heat over 180 degrees Celsius.

Ingredients: Hemp seeds from organic farming


This product does not contain THC..


Delivery time 1-5 Tage
Ingredients Hanfsamen aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau
Content 150 gr
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