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If you have purchased hemp flowers from us, you will find on the packaging a Lot- or Batchnummer, which you can enter here to get the exact analysis of the raw material.


Hemp, Cannabis sativa, is a very old cultivated plant. The plant with its finger-like pinnate leaves has been grown since the 3rd millennium BC due to its useful plant parts. The fibres can be used to produce fabrics, sails, rope and paper; cooking oil with a high content of valuable fatty acid is pressed from the seeds which is also used in medicine; the flowers and leaves are a remedy for all kinds of illnesses and ailments, as well as being the basis for the distillation of an essential oil which is used in aromatherapy and for the production of perfume and cosmetics. Even the remnants of the processing can still be used: the press cake as a foodstuff and the shavings as bedding for horses and small animals. It is also used for building materials (insulation, mortar) and hard plastics.


The cannabinoids

Up to now is it known that over one hundred cannabinoids are found in the hemp plant. There is also a whole range of terpenes (aromatic substances). The most well-known cannabinoid is the Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which causes the psychoactive effect. In a cannabis plant there are usually very few cannabinoids in a relevant concentration. Depending on the type it is principally Delta-9-THC, but it can also be the non-psychoactive Cannabidiol (CBD) which today attracts a great deal of attention in the medical and leisure industries precisely because many sick and recreational users do not want an intoxicating effect.

Increasing numbers of scientific and clinical studies are emphasising the potential of CBD as a treatment option for a variety of medical conditions. Recently varieties of hemp have been discovered which contain CBD as the main cannabinoid with just some traces of Delta-9-THC. In many countries hemp plants which contain more than a certain percentage of Delta-9-THC are considered to be narcotics (Switzerland: >1%) and are subject to the relevant statutory provisions.

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