Corona-Virus Update:

Auch wir mussten aufgrund der Bestimmungen durch den Bund, leider alle Hanftheken schliessen, sind uns aber der Verantwortung, gegenüber unserer Kunden, sehr bewusst. Daher haben wir unser Onlineteam für den Webshop deutlich verstärkt.


Telefonberatung: 055 422 84 00



Wir bleiben weiterhin für Sie da!

Ihr Hanftheken & Swiss Cannabis Team


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If you have purchased hemp flowers from us, you will find on the packaging a Lot- or Batchnummer, which you can enter here to get the exact analysis of the raw material.

Sales / Shipment to the US comming soon!

With great attention to detail we process our raw materials into high-quality products. For legal reasons we are not allowed to write about the medical effect of CBD products. Therefore we ask you to form your own opinion independently from information about the various existing studies and experience reports available on the internet. Based on your own research you can decide which CBD product is best suited to your needs. Swiss Cannabis offers high-quality CBD raw materials and products.

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